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Bed Bug Heat Treatment – Why Is It Better?

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Many people call us and inquire about our bed bug treatment that is available not only to those living in Toronto but throughout Southern Ontario. After reading about the different types of bed bug control, many are intrigued and interested in what is now accepted as the ‘Gold Standard’ in bed bug extermination techniques – the Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

Let’s take a look at what makes the heat treatment for bed bugs so much better in so many ways relative to the traditional bed bug treatments

Effectiveness! Heat treatment kill all bed bugs and their eggs simultaneously!

That’s right! Unlike the traditional bed bug control using pesticides, a bed bug heat treatment from crawl space encapsulation services in richmond va kills all of the bugs in one day and it also kills the eggs too! Why is this so great? It’s because when using traditional pesticides to kill bed bugs, they will NOT kill the bed bug eggs. A follow-up treatment is necessary to kill the bed bugs that have hatched on the second visit. Meanwhile, the family is living out of bags for a couple of weeks between treatments, we highly recommend contacting the pest control in greenville nc for further information.

In addition, sometimes the strain of bed bugs that have infested a home are chemically resistant to the products being used to kill them – if that happens, further procedures are required and it extends the treatment process. When using heat to kill bed bugs, the high temperature kills the bugs AND their eggs in one shot – no waiting, no risk of chemical resistance. One day and it done.

Heat extermination for bed bugs is, by far, the best way to go if you find yourself dealing with a bed bug problem – Call us today to speak with a leading industry professional to find out more.

Compare Bed Bug Heat Treatment Options

There are a number of companies in the Toronto area that offer heat treatments for bed bugs. With these different companies you will find an array of different equipment being used to heat the home to the required thermal range to effectively kill bed bugs. You will also find that these companies come with different experience levels amongst their office staff and technicians.

When selecting a company to conduct your heat treatment you should consider the type of equipment being used. It is commonly accepted that the ‘Closed Loop Glycol’ system is best for a number of reasons that you can see to the right —>

In addition, always choose a company that specializes in bed bug heat treatments – doing this properly takes knowledge and a great deal of experience.

Our company has been exterminating bed bugs for almost ten years exclusively! We were the first licensed pest control company in Toronto to only exterminate for bed bugs and we’ve completed thousands of successful bed bug exterminations in those years. Our bed bug heat treatment equipment is the best in the world and our technicians are among the most experienced professionals anywhere.

We are proud to offer bed bug heat exterminations to all of Souther Ontario. Call us to speak with a professional that really cares about you and your family.

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